My paintings explore the profound connections between the physical and the spiritual. Through my landscapes and portraits, I seek to embody the power and vulnerability of mind, soul, and spirit and the ever-present passage of time

Song of Songs: Portraits of the Artist's Mother

My 98 year old mother who lived with me periodically during the pandemic. Through her, I witnessed the effects of emotional and physical isolation. The needs of the body - both the basics of bodily functions, and spiritual and emotional yearnings - are satisfied largely through physical proximity to others, touch and intimacy.

The titles for the portraits of my mother come from the biblical text, Song of Songs. This poetry is both explicitly sensual and metaphorically spiritual, describing the intensity of the relationship between lovers. I choose to title works of my mother from this text to convey the truth that love and desire, the need for human contact and touch are universal. In this difficult time of pandemic, fear and social isolation, this reality becomes painfully clear.

After Light Darkness Rose, Another Day

After Light Darkness Rose, Another Day - a series of thirteen small paintings - references diverse geographies, seasons, and days. My images are inspired by faraway lands such as Japan and Scotland, as well as Midwestern landscapes that are close to home and heart. I have walked in each place, finding beauty beyond the traditionally conventional - breathing the air, absorbing the light, listening to small and large movements around me. This series expresses the concept of wholeness and unification, in that each moment is a creation story.  


Photo by Jordan Scott, 2020

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